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Shock Wave Therapy in Practice

Written by reknowned practitioners, the series "Shock Wave Therapy in Practice" offers orthopaedists, specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy insights in shock wave therapy for the treatment of various medical indications.

Innovative ESWT

for therapy


Conservative, non-invasive and a compelling alternative to surgery, Storz's Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) employs patented Swiss technology in the management of tendon and ligament disorders of the musculoskeletal system.



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  • Treat myofascial and fascial pain
  • Use shock wave for conditions like osseous non-unions or calcific tendinitis with patented transmitters unique to Storz
  • Use diagnostic ultrasound with choice of focused or radial shock wave with the world's first modular ESWT system with control module

Masterpuls Ultra

Compact Radial Shock Wave

Duolith Ultra

Modular ESWT


Innovative Handpieces

Focused, Radial and Vibration


"ESWT is an alternative to surgery. It is important to explain this gentle, non-invasive and outpatient treatment to patients suffering from calcified tendinitis of the shoulder, epicondylitis, heel spur, patellar tendinitis and other enthesiopathies..."

Dreisilker, U. (2010). Enthesiopathies ( ed.)