Pressotherapy Sleeves

Compression Therapy System DVT Foot Sleeve, Small (Unit Pair)

4 compression modes with reusable & disposable sleeves meet all your need

Longest Compression Therapy System DVT Sleeve (single patient use) as an essential part of Longest Compression Therapy System is compatible with both Longest Compression Therapy Device LGT-2200DVT and LGT-2201DVT.


It is made of premium fabric and TPU with featuring lightweight, breathable, comfortable which is able to help prevent a build-up of heat and moisture contributing to increase patient’s compliance during therapy.


With an extensive range of foot, calf, thigh, foot and calf, thigh and calf sleeves, Longest DVT Sleeve address a wide range of patient types, and caregiver needs and preferences.




• Made of premium fabric with more lightweight, breathable and comfortable

• Compatible with both Longest LGT-2200DVT and LGT-2201DVT

• With a wide range of types for different application

• One-Three (1-3) chambered sleeve with intermittent and sequential (gradient) inflation