Idromed® 5 GS

The ORIGINAL for pain & medication-free sweat reduction from the comfort of your own home

The powerful tap water iontophoresis device for excessive sweating Constant and pulsed direct current treatments have been used successfully in medicine for many years. The idromed®5 provides the ideal companion for conducting effective treatment in clinics. Its safe and simple operation also makes the device ideal for treatment at home.


idromed®5GS (constant direct current)
The idromed®5GS is based on the effect of constant direct current and is to be used for very severe hyperhidro-sis on the hands or feet, as well as for thick to very thick calluses.



Protection features

Plastic protective grids protect against direct contact between the skin and the plate electrodes

Comfort sponge pockets protect against direct contact between the skin and electrodes

Pre-selection of the treatment dose protects against overdose

No pasture fence effect due to intelligent safety circuit & over-treatment protection

Meets all standards of the current state of the art

Has current test reports issued by an accredited test laboratory



Drug-free therapy

Environmentally conscious and economical mains operation

Nickel-free, large-area aluminium electrodes for homogeneous current density and against allergic reactions



Ideal for use in clinics, practice and at home

Operation without assistant

Handy, light and convenient to store

Displays the remaining treatment time

Simple and safe handling due to single control knob


Treatment options

Hands & feet (basic equipment)

Armpits, chest, buttocks & neck (basic equipment & comfort sponge pockets)


Technical Data
Dimensions of the unit
(LxW x H): 210 x 120 x 70mm

Dimensions of the suitcase
(LxW x H): 290 x 390 x 110mm

Total weight: approx. 2.5 kg
(unit, suitcase and accessories)

Wide range power supply:
100~V-240V~ / 50Hz – 60Hz

Subject to technical alterations.