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The Only Smart Dual Frequency Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser

The IRIS XP laser has become the preferred Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser due to its superior beam profile and high repetition rate, which provides soft, gentle and smooth skin rejuvenation with minimal discomfort.


• Multiple Modes: 532nm, 1064nm, Semi Long Pulse, Laser Toning
• Superior Beam Quality
• User Friendly Interface
• Easy Service & Maintenance
• Compact Design

True Maximum Energy

We test maximum energy at the end of the handpiece, not within the laser body, to ensure even distribution of energy to the treatment site. The Super Hive Flat Lens safely delivers high peak power through microscopic concentration on small areas of tissue for even distribution of high energy to the treatment site.


True 15 Hz/s

The most powerful device on the market that delivers excellent results. At such a high speed, IRIS ensures peak performance in treating pigmented lesions by safely destroying pigments while minimizing patient discomfort.


PTP Bluetoning Technology

The IRIS Q-Switched Laser adopts the Photoacoustic Technology Pulse (PTP) mode, which delivers very narrow pulse widths at highoutput energy, even at large spot sizes. This nanosecond pulse configuration causes a dual collagen stimulation action, producing a Photoacoustic and subtle photothermal effect. PTP mode has been proven to offer greater efficacy, better results, a more comfortable treatment and faster healing time for skin rejuvenation.


Fast Result

The IRIS Bluetoning mode effectively deep cleanses and tightens pores, and improves the texture, tone, clarity and quality of skin; showing you fast results for maximum patient satisfaction.


Friendly User Interface

Forget about entering settings into your machine from a treatment protocol document. IRIS’ seamless operation puts Indications and Protocols at your fingertips. Click, Tweak, Go. Simply adjust treatment settings from the presets.


Optional Handpieces

Perform effective treatments for even the most delicate areas of the face, as well as the neck, chest and back of hands, with a generous range of spot size choices.


Superior Beam Profile

The ‘top hat’ laser beam profile is extremely effective, precise and delivers a constant shape. It provides for excellent control of the erbium laser’s ablative depth and width penetration. The ‘top hat’ beam profile uniquely stacks together short micro pulses for more precise control of the laser energy. Precise control creates a more uniform profile and a smoother, more even ablation, resulting in faster re-epithelialisation and short-term post treatment erythema.


Easy Maintenance

With Bluecore’s patented cooling system replacing the traditional plastic water tank and fan, IRIS operates quieter than any other Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers while allowing for a more reliable system.


The World First Central Monitoring Systems

1. Auto alert system
2. Central monitoring system
3. Remote service system
4. Auto upgrading system



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