Smoke Evacuators

BF 9, BF 10

Extraction and Filtration Systems for the field of Medicine and Aesthetics

Medical treatments produce harmful laser particles and fumes. In order to protect patients, staff and themselves, more and more specialists are using filtering suction technology to keep the ambient air clean during medical and aesthetic procedures, thus reducing the risk of infection to a minimum.

High protection during treatment:
• Removal of fibroids / skin care


• Pigment removal


• Laser eyes


• Laser mole removal


• Aerosol/dental


• Hair removal


• Customer testi


• Extraction Tube with integrated protection grid to avoid extraction of foreign objects.

• A reducer fitting that allows for the attachment of smaller diameter hoses (10.5 – 22 mm).

• Transparent extraction hood enables a wider coverage of pollution


The extraction hood:

– dimension of 330×240 mm

– dimension of 245×220 mm

– diameter 385 mm

enables a wider coverage of pollution. The transparent design – polycarbonate – allows a free view for the surgeon to the working surface (optional).



• Cosmetic surgery
(Skin renewal, Hair removal, Alteration of epidermis)

• HF surgery
• Dental medicine
• Endoscopy