Cry-AC, Cry-AC 3 & CRY-BABY

World Leader in Cryosurgical Equipment Since 1966

Made in the USA and the number 1 choice of dermatologists worldwide, the Brymill cryosurgery device is unsurpassed for safety, versatility and precise control for precise and effective cryosurgery.


Brymill CRY-AC® 500 mL


Brymill CRY-AC-3® 300 mL


Brymill CRY-BABY® 125mL

• Ergonomic design. Slim finger tip trigger for maximum control and easy viewing

• Suits left and right hand users

• Superior valve system operates for longer without clogging up with contaminants

• Durable stainless steel and solid brass construction

• Anti-topple flange for extra stability