Doublo Gold


Hironic Doublo Gold is engineered to provide safe, comfortable and efficient treatments.


Complement your range of rejuvenation options with Doublo’s remarkable results in skin tightening and lifting, made possible with the Gold HIFU’s excellent and consistent dot quality.


Impressively delivering 300 shots per 8 minutes at two rows per shot, Doublo gets the job done efficiently while producing quality.


You can be confident that Doublo will give you and your patients the treatment results you expect.

Why Choose Doublo GOLD?

INCREASE EFFICIENCY – 8 mins per 300 shots

COMFORTABLE – Minimal patient discomfort

CONVENIENCE – Choose between Hand Switch or Foot Switch

CONSISTENCY – Stable & Accurate Thermal Coagulation at Target Depths

COST EFFECTIVE – 2 rows per shot; Max Effect for Min Cost


MFU RF Laser

Number of Treatment 1 Time 4~5 Times 5 Times

Treatment Time 8 Min 30 Min 10~15 Min

Effect Durability 18 Months 1 Month 2~3Months

Depth SMAS (3.0/4.5) Below 3mm 1.5mm



• Neck Wrinkles Reduction
• Nasolabial Fold Reduction
• Double Chin Reduction
• Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
• Non-Invasive
• Face Lift
• Eyebrow Lifting
• Jowl Lifting
• Body Shaping