Element - Tl from Elemenic Long pulsed laser
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Three Wavelength Long Pulsed Laser in One Machine

The Element-TL comes with 3 Different Wavelengths Lasers

Long pulsed Nd:YAG – 1064nm

  • Rejuvenation (Tightening, Telangiectatic, Melasma, Acne), Hair removal, Vascular lesions, Onychomycosis

Long pulsed Alexandrite – 755nm

  • Hair removal, Pigmented lesions (Melasma, lentigines, Freckles, Keratosis), Skin whitening

Long pulsed KTP – 532nm

  • Vascular lesions (Diffuse redness, Telangiecctasia, Venous lake), Pigmented lesions


Premium Long Pulsed Laser

The Element-TL has Three wavelength Long Pulsed Lasers in One Machine.

Alexandrite (755nm) + Nd:YAG (1064nm) + KTP (532nm)


Best-in-class specification

Big spot size (up to 24nm) coupled with High Energy (100J/300ms) and Speed (long-width up to 3Hz and short-width up to 10Hz)


Multi Cooling System

Stronger and more effective with less side effects. Also, has button to choose from cryo cooling to air cooling.


Halo – Toning

Halo – Toning uses special fractional hand piece  and powerful long-pulse energy to reach the fine energy core by stimulating the melanin and collagen with natural regenerative promotion effects which produces whitening and lifting effects at the same time.


Medium Nd: YAG Alexandrite KTP
Wavelength 1064nm 755nm 532nm
Energy 100J 70J 10J
Pulse Duration 0.1 – 300ms (multiple) 01. – 100ms
Pulse Rate 0.5 – 10Hz
Spot Size 2-24mm 2-10mm
Cooling System Cryo Gas / Air Cooler
Beam Delivery Lens-coupled Opticle Fiber with Handpiece
Dimensions 1000(H), 780 (D), 400(W)
Weight 130Kg