Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices

Excelite Mini

Targeted 308nm Phototherapy

The Excelite Mini Series is a range of 308nm excimer handheld targeted phototherapy units engineered to treat and manage Psoriasis, Vitiligo and many photoresponsive dermatoses safely and effectively. Best for practices with space constraints or even as a prescribed unit, the Excelite Mini series is a suitable phototherapy unit that does not compromise on space, while allowing practitioners to offer 308nm phototherapy to their patients.


Studies have shown that 308nm excimer light is more effective than NB-UVB. Excimer has been proposed to increase efficacy of treatment due to deeper penetration of the skin and increased potent capacity to promote T-cell apoptosis. As a result, targeted phototherapy with 308nm excimer is able to induce even longer remission than NB-UVB for localised and generalised psoriasis.


• For practitioners and patients
• Lightweight
• Results-oriented
• Reduced Treatments
• Longer Remission



Timer/Dosimetry Option

All Excelite Mini Handheld Excimer units come two treatment modes, timer or dosimetry.


User Friendly Operation

• Targeted handpiece restricts treatments to affected areas
• Quick-start with almost instantaneous use
• Different templates available for different lesion sizes
• User-friendly screen with intuitive interface
• Lightest handheld excimer that is ergonomically engineered for ease of use