Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices



Ultraviolet light has been an established dermatologic therapy for decades. More recently, targeted phototherapy has enabled therapeutic dosing of ultraviolet light at 308nm to specific dermatoses while minimizing exposure of healthy skin.The VTRAC® Excimer Lamp System is a state-of-the art unit with a water-cooled handpiece for maximum irradiance at 308nm. A light source, as opposed to a laser, VTRAC offers the targeted, therapeutic efficacy demonstrated by Excimer lasers, with the simplicity of design and reliability of a lamp system.


• Software capable of a dose setting as low as 50 mJ/cm²

• Small foot print, lightweight, mobile unit adapts easily to office floor space with four locking casters

• Handpiece calibration with internal power density detector checks output for each treatment

• Pneumatic foot switch lamp control• Easy-to-operate touch screen user interface speeds learning

• Treatment aids (e.g. aperture reducer, aperture extender and UV filters) for excellent control over shape, sizeand location of skin surface exposure

• A system warranty of 12 months


Device Specifications
Light Source Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD). Xenon Chloride Excimer Lamp
Wavelength 308nm +/- 2nm
Spot Size 18.9cm2 (6.1cm x 3.1cm)
UVB Irradiance ≥150mW/cm²
Fluence 50-4500mJ/cm²
Energy Activation Foot Switched Control
Voltage 100-120 or 200-240V AC
Power – Frequency 500 VA – 50/60Hz
Safety Compliance EN 60601-1. UL 60601-1. ETL Listed. CE Marked. JIST T 0601-2-202 :2005
Dimensions 47 x 69 x 89cm (D x W x H) Wt 59 Kg