Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices


Targeted 308nm in a Table

The Excelite is a 308nm excimer targeted phototherapy unit engineered to treat and manage Psoriasis, Vitiligo and many photoresponsive dermatoses safely and effectively. Compact and lightweight, it is the perfect complement for a practice treating skin diseases. Using a high energy excimer lamp for targeted phototherapy, less side effects are encountered and treatment cycles are reduced.


Studies have shown that 308nm excimer light is more effective than NB-UVB. Excimer has been proposed to increase efficacy of treatment due to deeper penetration of the skin and increased potent capacity to promote T-cell apoptosis. As a result, targeted phototherapy with 308nm excimer is able to induce even longer remission than NB-UVB for localised and generalised psoriasis.



• Targeted handpiece restricts treatments to affected areas

• Quick-start with almost instantaneous use

• Different templates available for treatment of different lesion sizes

• User-friendly touch screen with intuitive interface

• Engineered for ease of use with ergonomic and lightest in the market handpiece

• Light port designed with special filters block other wavelenghts to ensure reliability

• Available in 50mW/cm² with patient fingerprint system