Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices

UV Series

The UV Series is powerful, versatile, and designed with limited space in mind, a great choice for home or clinical phototherapy.

Offering the therapeutic effectiveness of ultraviolet phototherapy in a compact size, this attractive full-body unit encircles the patient completely so that every part of the body is treated at once for the shortest possible exposure times.

• The UV Series can be equipped with Narrowband UVB, Broadband UVB, or UVA lamps. Combination units are also available.

• Powered by Daavlin’s touch-screen ClearLink™ controller, the system is easy to navigate and ensures that each treatment is delivered safely and effectively.

• The unique, elliptically shaped interior delivers a uniform amount of light to the skin. Its small footprint makes efficient use of valuable floor space where that is a concern.

• A platform elevates the patient to the height of the lamps for optimum treatment of the lower legs.


Height: 77” (195.6 cm)
Width (including stand): 41” (104.1 cm)
Depth: 30.5” (77.5 cm)
Depth (doors open): 42” (106.7 cm)
Weight (24 lamp): 327 lbs (148.3 kg)