ESWT, Shockwave Systems



The new radial pressure wave system MASTERPULS® ONE has been developed with a clear focus on maximum ease of use, compact design, high efficiency and perfect mobility.


The MASTERPULS® ONE is ideal for use as a compact and flexible pressure wave starter model for the treatment of all standard indications.


• Easy to use and versatile in the application
• Best »shock wave therapy companion«, even outside the therapist’s office

The SPARROW™ handpiece of the MASTERPULS® ONE

The newly developed SPARROW™ radial handpiece is minimalist design at its best. Excellent damping during pressure wave generation reduces handpiece vibrations. As a result, the MASTERPULS® ONE is approved for operation far longer than a working day-longer than many other radial pressure wave systems available today. Thanks to its light-weight design and ergonomic shape, the SPARROW™ handpiece ensures effortless handling and treatment. The handpiece can be serviced directly by the user, which saves costs.



The treatment result is decisively determined by the quality and efficiency of pressure wave transmission based on the specific disorder to be treated. These transmitters are ideal for the treatment of all typical pressure wave indications such as tendinopathy, heel and shoulder pain, myofascial trigger points or fascia treatment.


• Energy input over large tissue areas
• Light-weight design and minimal vibrations
• Effortless treatment
• Reliable and cost-effective


Dimensions: 289 x 238 x 310 mm
Weight: 9.8 kg
Only 6 energy levels


Calcific tendinitis
Lateral/medial epicondylitis
Plantar fasciitis
Patellar tendinitis
Tibial stress syndrome
Trochanteric tendinopathy
Trigger points: cervical syndrome
Trigger points: dorsalgia
Trigger points: forearm muscles
Trigger points: lumbago
Trigger points: shortened calf muscles
Trigger points: thigh adductors