Imaging Systems


Complete 3D Imaging Solution for Body, Breast, and Face

Capture face, breast, and body images in ultra-high resolution 3D, and show your patients the exciting possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures. Now with 360° body imaging and circumferential measurements.


Engage in a streamlined, persuasive consultation as you view the three-dimensional image from any angle, zoom in for a closer look, superimpose the simulation over the pre-op, compare side-by-side, or fade between the two.


• DIFFERENTIATE YOUR PRACTICE – Increased patient referrals and drive greater media exposure with state-of-the-art assessment tools and realistic 3D results.


• COMMUNICATE THE POSSIBILITIES – Use your patient’s own image to explore possible outcomes, educate them about their options, explain limitations, and set appropriate expectations.


• CLOSE MORE COMPLEMENTARY PROCEDURES Show the difference between the likely outcome of a single procedure or by combining multiple procedures.


• INCREASE PATIENT SATISFACTION – Visualize your patient’s expectations, arrive at a shared understanding of treatment objectives, and help your patient decide on the best possible treatment plan.

AUTOMATED MEASUREMENTS – Automated measurements, some only possible with 3D technology, help your patients understand their current condition.

GRAY MODE – Gray mode reveals contours, presenting opportunities for corrective procedures.

RBX® TECHNOLOGY – Canfield’s proprietary RBX® technology separates the unique color signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualization of skin conditions.

MARKERLESS TRACKING – Markerless Tracking provides a dynamic assessment of skin surface changes. Skin surfaces are automatically aligned, tracked and mapped.

VOLUME DIFFERENCE – Automatic volume difference measurement with one click. Visualize the degree of contour change with a color distance map.

AUTOMATIC STITCHING – A front and back view of the patient are automatically stitched together into a single, seamless wraparound image, providing a more complete visualization of the structural and aesthetic appearance of a patient’s body.

CIRCUMFERENTIAL MEASUREMENTS – Automated circumference and volume measurements for body contouring with 360° imaging.

CONTOURING – Simulate removing volume from, or adding volume to the face and body.

DORSAL ADJUSTMENT Slider-based dorsal height adjustment for instantaneous three-dimensional rhinoplasty simulation.

SELECT BREAST IMPLANTS – Select breast implants from the product catalogs you normally use.

DYNAMIC SOFT TISSUE MODELING – Sculptor’s dynamic soft tissue modeling technology generates actual 3D models of the implants you select and calculates a realistic outcome based upon gravity, the shape and placement of the selected implant.

VISUALIZE EXPECTATIONS – Visualize your patient’s hopes and expectations with Sculptor’s powerful viewing tools.

BREAST REVISION – Breast Sculptor’s® new Revision tool provides slider-based controls to simulate the replacement of current implants with new larger implants. Volume can be adjusted independently for each breast, or linked for matching changes.

MASTOPEXY INTERFACE – The Mastopexy interface in Breast Sculptor® closely models the way you perform surgery, including adjustable incisions used to simulate the excising of skin.

OVERLAYING – Overlaying her pre-op image with the simulated outcome makes the differences more apparent.

COMPLEMENTARY PROCEDURES – Help your patient decide on the best possible treatment plan by showing the difference between the likely outcome with single or multiple procedures.

COMPARE MULTIPLE SCENARIOS – Compare multiple implant scenarios with different size, style and shape options.

PATIENT EDUCATION – Breast Sculptor’s patient education module provides a series of checklist-style customizable disclaimers with relevant visual tools and measurements to streamline your informed consent process.

VIEWMYCONSULT® INTEGRATION – TheViewMyConsult® patient portal gives your patients secure access to their VECTRA 3D images, and your treatment recommendations, with a single click. Now with one step integration of ASAPS Smart Beauty Guide electronic procedural brochures.

CANFIELD CARE® AVAILABLE – Unlimited technical support, hardware warranty, training webinars, software upgrades and ViewMyConsult® access.

HIPAA COMPLIANCE – Canfield Imaging Systems is making every effort to develop software that integrates easily into a HIPAA-compliant practice and to assist our customers in complying with HIPAA.

SCULPTMYDREAM® LISTING – Your practice is listed in the SculptMyDream® doctor locator (, so that women who are exploring breast augmentation surgery can find you quickly and easily.


Capture System
1.2 mm geometry resolution – face captures (triangle edge length)
3.5 milliseconds capture time
On-board modular, intelligent flash units
Stereophotogrammetry technology
Floor stand with motorized lift to adjust for patient height
Dell computer and flat panel display