Dermatoscopes & Magnifiers


The Next Generation Dermatoscope

The high-resolution touch screen on the D200evo displays a live preview which can be magnified, saved, analyzed, and assigned directly from the D200 without using a mouse or keyboard.


The D200evo captures standardized images with selectable lighting modes for professional and reliable documentation–all in a user-friendly, ergonomic design.

A professional image system for advanced early diagnosis of skin cancer and image documentation. All key functions are directly integrated in the hand-piece.

• Unique camer a touch display

• Brilliant epiluminescence microscopy

• 15x–200x magnification

• Autofocus for precise overview images

• Clinical images in 6.5MP quality

• USB plug and play

Canfield dermatoscopes are compatible with DermaGraphix software so you can easily link each close up image to its corres ponding tagged lesion on the body map or 3D avatar


D200evo size and weight
Base unit: 300 x 300 x 110 mm, 1650 g
Hand-held unit: handle length 150 mm; cylinder, length: 110 mm; cylinder diameter: 58 mm,500 g
Total weight: 2150 g