Dermatoscopes & Magnifiers

UV LED Magnifier

Professional Grade UV and White Light SMART Magnifier

Burton’s professional grade SMART Magnifier offers both UV and White LED light. Commonly found in Dermatology, Trauma, Schools, Ophthalmology, Forensic Science, Hospitality/Food Industry, Agriculture, and Industrial Inspection for detecting defects. “Woods Light”*


• 3,288 Lux at 6” (White LED)
• 3800 K Color Temperature
• CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95 (White LED)
• Viewing Area Diameter of 1.85” Height X 3.85” Width

• Ultraviolet (UV) & White Light in one device provides optimal luminescence

• Bright White LEDs with controlled Color Temperature for improved visibility

• Microprocessor controlled SMART audio & visual indicators

• 5 diopter magnifier lens with 2.25X magnification

• Non-yellowing and scratch resistant glass lens

• Battery-saving sleep mode

• Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

• Can be used with or without power cord

• Light weight & balanced 0.8lbs /.36kg

• Smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfection