Dermatoscopes & Magnifiers


Dermoscopy redefined

Luminis is the only hand-held dermatoscope that offers the daylight chromatic spectrum.


High-quality optical components paired with newly developed electronic controls guarantee brilliant standardized image quality, simple handling and patient-friendly examination distance.

Outstanding advantages

• Patient-friendly examination distance

• Full spectrum daylight illumination

• Maximum quality precision optics

• Direct or diffuse illumination

• Toggle between polarized and non-polarized lighting modes for faster examinations

• Wide-view-optics magnification

• Magnetic lock for quick adapter change


Device size and weight
Luminis: 210 mm x 55 mm, 300 g
Charging Station: 137 mm x 151 mm, 700g
Total weight: 1130 g
Battery and power
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charging via charging station