IPL, Pulsed Light Systems


Granlux, All-in-one SHR + IPL Treat Smart & Treat Fast with Advanced VEP Technology

GranLux was designed to provide users with the optimum experience in delivering consistent and effective intense pulsed light treatments. With a keen emphasis on safety and efficacy, our engineers managed to create an IPL that delivers the results you want, with the safety and ease of use that is essential.


The ultimate workhorse for your practice, the GranLux offers versatile treatments with the SHR handpiece and a Multi-Functional (MF) handpiece. Applications include rejuvenation, epilation, acne treatment and the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions

GranLux VEP Technology

Uniform energy output is key to consistent and effective treatments. With Viva Even Pulse (VEP) technology, the IPL energy can instantly achieve peak power and remain stable during the entire pulse duration. Compared with conventional IPL systems, the VEP technology produces a longer, more even pulse which easily reaches the thermal relaxation time for targeted skin and hair.


Thermoelectric Cooling

Applying cooling of up to -5ºC provides optimal client comfort while ensuring the results desired.


With 5 adjustable cooling levels, the GranLux Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) System increases the temperature difference between superficial and subcutaneous tissue, protecting the epidermis while the energy is applied.


Fast Hair Removal

Take advantage of GranLux’s large spot size of 15 x 50mm for fast and effective hair removal. Compared to traditional IPLs, GranLux ensures more uniform heat throughout the window, ensuring comfort, safety, and reducing the risks of side effects from uneven light energy.



Hair Removal
Hair Removal (Beard)
Skin Rejuvenation