IPL, Pulsed Light Systems


EpiAce EX-R An advanced dual purpose system for hair removal and facial treatments.

epiAce EX-R


State of the art handpiece
• Safe cooling system


Low interval between shots
•150,000 shot count

Safer cooling system with leading-edge technology

With a patented, unique cooling device installed in the handpiece, epiAce EX-R brings a superior result to each treatment, which is safer and more comfortable.


Shorter interval between shots

Unlike traditional air-cooled machines, epiAce EX-R is capable of shooting light at the inter-shot interval almost as short as the water-cooled machine, providing a stress-free treatment.


Refined design with less noise

epiAce EX-R has been remodeled for a futuristic and more stylish look, creating a luxurious atmosphere. Machine noise has also been greatly reduced in this model.


Advanced self-diagnostic CPU

epiAce EX-R safety monitor immediately alerts in the event of handpiece malfunction.


Quality Standards

• ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2000

• JIS Q (Japanese International Standards) 9001:2000

• PSE obtained

It is mark acknowledging & confirming our compliance with Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, and proving reliability of our products as electrical appliances

Handpiece patented

Patent Application number 2007-185467


Lower cost with a first-rate guarantee

epiAce EX-R provides safer function and improved performance at less purchase and running costs. The service life of lamp unit is guaranteed up to 100,000 shots. (Hair Removal Lamp Unit)


Safety design to prevent

electromagnetic wave generation Electromagnetic waves, as often spotlit in the media, are quite harmful to human body. epiAce EX-R filters out those waves completely, when most other treatment machines cannot.