IPL, Pulsed Light Systems

Vectus NIR

The world's First HDPL fastest hair removal and milk light NIR for skin contouring and tightening.

• Fast hair removal innovatively adopts 640nm-850nm, a very precise narrow band spectrum, for accurate treatments. It is as effective as laser treatment,with the safety, versatility and cost of pulsed light.


• Results fastest, with spot size 5 cm²(10*50mm)


• Optional spot size 3.2 cm²(8*40mm)


Contouring and Tightening Face and Body Solution

• High end professional-grade skin rejuvenation technology. Most efficient to achieve uniform skin tone and texture.


• German Heraeus special infrared light source. Combined special band, Energy most uniform and


• The ergonomic applicators, very lightweight, making practitioner earlier to perform.


HDPL: Wavelength 640nm-850nm
SDPL 530-850nm ( Optional)
HDPL Spot size: 5 cm² (10*50mm)
or 3.2 cm² (8*40mm)
HDPL Shot: 1000 Thousand shots
NIR: 900nm-1800nm band spectrum
NIR Spot Size: 14 cm² (23mm * 62mm)
or 3.2 cm² (8*40mm)
NIR Shots: no pulse limits
Dimensions:123*54*63cm, 68KG
Power Supply: AC230V,50Hz / AC110V, 60Hz