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Hilthera 4.0

The Evolution of Non-surgical Treatments for The Spine, Joints and Pain

Hilthera4.0 is a medical laser device using Nd:YAG. Hilthera 4.0 relieves pain caused by sports injuries by irradiating at a high peak power of 1,200mJ (1064nm).


• Short treatment time and long-lasting effect


• Analgesic effect with only one treatment and quick recovery


• Simultaneous solution for pathological caused and related symptom


• Deep and effective action


• Treatment on wide area


• Neochondrogenic effect


• Anti-inflammation


It’s safe by reducing the danger of bums due to enough TRT. It’s able to deliver rich energy to the target in the skin safely than other machines because it is able to treat target accumulating thermal energy only in targeted center.



Emits high-peak power (8000W/) for a short on time. Provides enough thermal relaxation time for the tissue due to a long off time. Delivers high energy to deep area that can not be reached in CW or CW on-off mode.



The reason that Hilthera beam is able to reach to deep point is vertical energy transfer by using High peak power of short pulse duration.



Prompt treatment by 30Hz beam speed.
Even energy by high density of beam