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Automated total body imaging with integrated body mapping

The new 3rd generation IntelliStudio sets the highest standard for image quality that rivals dermoscopy.


Fully automated capture of body map photos DermaGraphix capture templates control camera settings and guide patient poses, while the motorized programmable lift ensures repeatable camera positions and lighting for consistent whole body photography with minimal staff training.

Studio-quality xenon lighting – Using a 50MP camera and studio-quality lighting with smart automation, non-polarized and cross-polarized lighting is calibrated and balanced for skin imaging, revealing skin features while maintaining aesthetics and reducing shadows.

Fully automated – IntelliStudio simplifies image capture with an automated software process that includes a selection of standard templates. Templates control the camera settings and guide patient poses, ensuring consistent clinical quality images.

Motorized programmable lift – With automated sequencing to guide the user through captures using standardized photo templates, the motorized programmable lift ensures repeatable camera positions and lighting for consistent, reproducible images.

Easy to use – With IntelliStudio, there are no special photography skills needed. The easy-to-use interface guides users through the entire photo process, ensuring high resolution studio – quality images each and every time.

Video capabilities with LED lighting and MatchPose® video overlay – IntelliStudio provides video capabilities, including record, playback and zoom capabilities. And, Canfield’s MatchPose® image overlay ensures registered before-and-after images.

Auto facial recognition – Facial recognition algorithms ensure that the patient’s face is automatically recognized, setting the camera height for quick and repeatable patient positioning.

Programmable zoom for close-up photos – The programmable zoom feature allows you to set and save specific program settings, enabling consistent zoom levels for accurate, repeatable close-up photos.

Automated body mapping – A motorized studio, integrated with DermaGraphix® software, enables quick capture of body map photographs.


System Power
100-120V AC, 50/60 Hz, 10.0A or
220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 10.0A
Capture Computer
Configured and supplied by Canfield. Computers from other suppliers are not supported.

IntelliStudio® Capture Module
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