Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices


Powerful, Productive, Pure UVA1. The only space-saving, vertically oriented UVA1 device available.

Twenty-four high intensity lamps, arranged vertically, deliver a 30 to 40% boost in patient through-put while using half the space of conventional UVA1 units.

• High dose protocols can be delivered without UVB-induced erythema as seen with fluorescent UVA1 devices.

• Conveniently located hand grasps make it easy to treat areas of the body that are normally difficult to expose.

• Specially designed reflectors behind each of the twenty-four lamps diffuse output and enhance the uniformity of therapeutic radiation to the patient.

• The unique, four column modular design makes efficient use of valuable floor space.


Daavlin ML24000           Competitor Units

High Intensity:                                               Yes                                       No
Typical Power Output (mw/cm2):           70-80                                  14-16
Time to deliver 60 Joules:                      14 minutes                       62 minutes
360 degrees emission :                                 Yes                                      Yes
UVB content:                                                None                                     Yes