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The most versatile minor procedure light in the medical field

The Luvis-S200 allows users to focus the light field; to adjust the light intensity and color in easy-to-use control panel. It makes the Luvis-S200 the ultimate minor procedure light.


The state of the art of LED Technology Luvis-S200 standard model is equipped with the patent: hybrid optical system and the simplified lighting spot control with removable and autoclavable handle.


Intensity Control in 5 Steps

• Illumination Intensity
– 100,000Lux (Max.)
• Color Temperature
– 3,800K / 4,300K / 4,800K


Adjustable Focus

• Select focal size easily from
18cm to 30cm


Detachable Handgrip

• Easy and stable handling
autoclavable material


Installation: Ceilling/ Mobile
Head size(cm): 35cm x 34cm
No. of LED(ea): 18
Intensity (LUX): Max 100,000LUX at 1M
Intensity Control: 5steps (5,000LUX ~ 100,000LUX)
C.R.I (Ra): 90
Color Temp. (K): 3,800/4,300/4,800
Light field size(ø): 18cm or 30cm at 1M
Depth of iluumination: 92cm(at 60%)
Smart sensor: No
Detachable Centre grip: Yes(2X)
LED Life: 50,000Hrs
(option) Built-in Camera: No
(option) Wall controller: No
(option) Backup battery: No
Certificate: E/FDA/CFDA/CSA
Power Consumption: 26W