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Surgical Table S2601

Award-winning dental operaoty equiptment and cabinetry

The S2601 Surgery Table is the benchmark for Oral Surgery table products. The table is manufactured using a durable steel frame with ergonomic tapered back for easier access to the oral cavity, seat width of 22 ½”, four quiet low-voltage precision movement DC motors for independent height, tilt, back and toe adjustment, powerful vertical lift column base rated for 500 lbs patient capacity with 16” vertical stroke, detachable quadfunction 3-position programmable foot control with emergency stop, position lock button to prevent accidental chair movement during procedures and easy “return to home” button to return the patient to the full upright position. ETL approved.


The table is offered standard with Boyd’s universal rail arm board mounting mechanism, vinyl/ standard foam upholstery in two style choices, clear plastic foot protector, body restraint strap, choice of dual articulating headrest and duplex 115vAC medical grade receptacle in seat frame.

Options include either swivel with 160° from center travel or centralized locking mobile base configurations, Ultraleather/memory foam upgraded upholstery, choices of patient and IV arm boards and detachable hand-held chair movement control.


• Ergonomic thin tapered style back

• Low-voltage DC motor actuators

• Motorized vertical lift base with 16″ vertical stroke

• 4 independently controlled motors for back, toe, tilt and lift control

• Integrated full function foot control

• Three (3) operator designated pre-set positions

• Auto “return to home” switch

• Emergency stop and chair “lock-out” features

• Integrated medical grade duplex 115vAC outlet

• Durable all steel frame

• “On-Track” Surgical Armboard/Accessory Rail System

• Choice of Dual articulating headrests

• Snap-on/Snap-off upholstery

• Foot protector

• Body restraint strap

• Choice of upholstery style


General Product Information
Frame Material: Welded steel with powder coated finish

• Standard – Boltaflex Grand Sierra™
• Upgrade – Ultraleather Pro™

• Base – Cantilevered Lift – 15.81″ (402mm)
• Back – Electric Actuator
• Tilt – Electric Actuator
• Toe – Electric Actuator

Net Weight:
• Standard: 334 lbs (151.5 kg)
• Swivel: 372 lbs (168.7 kg)
• Mobile: 340 lbs (154.2 kg)

Internal Voltage:
• Chair operates at 24vDC
• Low voltage Actuators
• Microprocessor controlled

Input Voltage:
• 115vAC 60Hz 10A (Domestic)
• 230vAC 50-60 Hz 7A (International)

Protection: Class: I

Electrical Shock: Type: B

Liquid Protection: Ordinary equipment (IPXO)

Flammable Gases: Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable gases or where such gases may accumulate in concentration. (Closed Space)

Operation Mode: Intermittent duty cycle 10% – 2 minutes On / 18 minutes Off (Indoor use only)

Operating Environment:
• Temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
• Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% @ 30° C – Not condensing
• Atmospheric Pressure: 97kPa

Storage Environment:
• Temperature: -10°C TO 50°C (14° F TO 122° F)
• Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% @ 30° C – Not condensing
• Atmospheric Pressure: 45 to 115kPa

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (228 kg) Subject to normal weight distribution

Note: Do not sit on back, foot end of seat or adjustable toe section. These sections are not designed to support the full weight of patient. Do not lift or slide chair using back section or seat upholstery.

Warning: Do not modify this equipment without authorization from Boyd Industries, Inc.