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Smart. Deep. Exact. The Most Versatile Microneedling RF System

Virtue RF is a Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency (FMR) system, commonly used for skin regeneration and to improve skin elasticity, wrinkles and scars.


Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency (FMR) delivers RF energy through numerous micro-needles that are transmitted to the skin, effective for collagenesis and wound healing. Virtue RF’s unique Pulsed Collagen Induction Therapy (PCIT) irradiates high- frequency energy at short intervals, inducing effective collagen regeneration with less stimulation than other RF treatments.


Designed to maximize the effects by reducing pain during treatment and minimize irritation on cells in the dermis, Virtue RF delivers the most appropriate and proven temperature of 40 to 42 ̊C through pulse intervals for longer time.


Virtue RF is also effective in treating vascular melasma and hyperhidrosis through its range of handpieces, high-frequency energy levels, pulse modes and patented cooling system.

• Precise controlled RF energy enhances regeneration
• Reduced wound healing time
• Greater regenerative effects
• Greater patient comfort
• Minimizes damages the skin
• Reduces potential risk of side effects

3 Frequency Levels

Virtue RF is the only system that offers 0.5, 1 and 2 MHz. 0.5 MHz transfers stronger energy that is more powerful than the 1 MHz and 2 MHz achieving better results that only the Virtue RF offers.


Accurate Depth Control

Virtue RF is the only system that offers a penetration depth as deep as 6 mm. Depth can be adjusted from as little as 0.1mm increments, enabling precise and optimal depth control for a wide variety of indications.


Patented Cooling Tips

Only Virtue Deep RF offers a patented Cooling Plate system helps maintain constant surface temperature during treatment, protect the epidermis from damage, allow for deeper and higher frequency energy delivery, reduce pain and minimize the possibility of side effects.


Wide Pin Variation

Virtue RF offers the widest range of pins for a wider range of indications.
• Insulated RF micro-needle targets only the dermis and protects the epidermis from heat
• Non-Insulated RF micro-needle targets the epidermis to the dermis


Only SHEnB’s tips have Integrated LED Diodes

• Integrated Red (660 nm Diodes) for Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Inflammation
– Red LED activates skin cells to increase collagen production moisture levels in the skin and improve skin tone & texture
• Integrated Blue (470 nm Diodes) for Acne
– Blue LED kills p.Acne associated with acne


Precise Pulse Mode

With 10 pulse modes designed to minimize tissue damage and induce regeneration by configuring “On time” and “Off time” in optimal conditions, patient comfort, safety and treatment efficacy can be ensured.


Focused Heating

The Virtue RF offers 0.3mm non-insulated tup exposure. This level of non-insulation ensures the epidermis is protected from most of the heat and reduces the risk of PIH and discomfort, while the targeted heat can be delivered safely and comfortably.



SMART RF Handpiece
• Lifting and tightening
• Inflammatory acne
• Scar
• Fine and deep wrinkles
• Pore tightening
• Skin rejuvenation
• RF peeling
• Vascular melasma
• Striae distensae

DEEP RF Handpiece
Expect treatment effects that only Virtue DEEP RF can generate.
• Axillary Osmidrosis
• Axillary Hyperhidrosis
• Jowl tightening

EXACT RF Handpiece
The Exact handpiece provides singular targeted treatment using its 1-pin Insulated tip for various indications. The Exact RF handpiece is the first handpiece with adjustable needle penetration depth among other 1-pin products.
• Acne vulgaris
• Acne scars (ice pick, box, rolling)
• Syriongoma
• Milium