Phototherapy & Photobiomodulation Devices

Phototherapy Accessories

Daavlin offers a complete line of products for your clinical phototherapy needs.

All Daavlin glasses block UVA, UVB and UVC and are available in several styles and colors. All offer excellent comfort as well as safety. We also carry protective eyewear in children’s sizes.

• Fitover style can be prescribed for wear over prescription glasses, or

• Regular style for patients who do not use corrective eyewear


Goggles… three styles to choose from
• Super Reds are lightweight and comfortable with a thin profile drawstring that minimizes tan lines.

• Sperti Goggles have an adjustable noseband and head-strap for fit and comfort while blocking UV. Green or amber lenses offer clear, undistorted vision.

• Super Sunnies are lightweight and comfortable with an elastic string for easy adjustment.


Replacement Lamps
Daavlin stocks a wide variety of lamps including UVA, UVA1, Narrow Band UVB, Broad Band UVB and Blue Light in all standard sizes and styles, including PLL, PLS types. We also carry non-standard sized lamps that were used in early narrow band UVB devices.


Important: Lamps that are not matched exactly to the OEM design of a device can cause low power output, short lamp life and compromised power components. Depend on the experts at Daavlin to ensure that you get exactly the right light.


Test Kits
The Daavlin DosePatch is a disposable MED/MPD testing device that goes on like a bandage. It makes dose testing easier than ever. Individual patches come with six exposure windows. Need more than six windows? Simply add another patch. The DosePatch comes in boxes of 100 and is hypoallergenic.


Light Meters
Daavlin stocks meters for UVA, UVA1, Broad Band UVB, Narrow Band UVB, and Blue Light. Combination UVA + Narrow Band UVB meters are also available.


Inside Tip: For greatest accuracy, Daavlin technicians use tripods to make sure that calibration values are maximally consistent. Do it like the pros and buy a Daavlin tripod with custom sensor holder.